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MonoFlop Op

Namespace: Ops.Boolean

Op author: pandur

Sets output to `1` when triggered, turns back to `0` automatically after x seconds

Imagine a light switch (often found in staircases): Once you press the light switch the light goes on for x seconds, then automatically turns off on its own.

Make sure to connect the Trigger port in a meaningful way (not directly to MainLoop), as it would set the output to 1 all the time.


Trigger (Trigger)

When triggered, Result is set to Value True

Duration (Number)

Duration in seconds when to automatically reset the Result to Value False

Value True (Number)

The value to use when Trigger is triggered

Value False (Number)

The value to use after the time is over

Reset (Trigger)


Activated (Trigger)
Ended (Trigger)
Result (Number)

Either 1 (directly after Trigger was triggered), or 0

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