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op id:91cf65f1-94ac-423f-a536-af71eed08440
Triggers if input value is `false`

summary (oneliner)

Basically the same as Ops.Boolean.IfTrueThen, the only difference is that the output ports are switched.

You can also input non-boolean values, 0, 0.0, '' (empty string) will all evaluate to false. On the contrary 1.234, '5' or 'lalala' will evaluate to true.

You can use it in two ways: If Exe is connected Then / Else will be triggered every time Exe is triggered. If Exe is not connection Then / Else will be triggered every time Boolean changes. This way you can convert a bool to a trigger (function).


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Exe (Function)

Executes the op

Boolean (Number)

The boolean value to check for falsiness


then (Function)

Triggers when the input value is false

else (Function)

Triggers when the input value is true


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