Flow Map Generator / Visualizer


Published Feb 25, 2021 at 23:45
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This Patch allows you to draw and also visualize your own flowmaps.
Activate draw in the sidebar and have fun. :)

Move the slider to Flowmap and press Save Screenshot to use it in an Engine for example.

Caustics texture is done in Substance designer with the awesome Caustics Generator from Bruno Afonseca | https://bruno.artstation.com/

I am glad so many of you find this tool useful. Maybe join the awesome cables.gl community.

Update 1: Included the possibility to add own images (they are not uploaded just opened locally from your pc), Image Ratio toggle, added opacity slider for drawing.

Update 2: Added the ability to add some noise.

Licence: Attribution

Commercial use ok, must credit the author, can remix and reuse this work.

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