Published Aug 18, 2023 at 23:03
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  1. Install Stable Diffusion WebUI + ControlNET
  2. Install Asymmetric Tiling extension for WebUI
  3. Download .bat or .sh file from Install Window on the right. Put it in your SD directory and run it.


  1. Set scene size and camera height in Scene tab.
  2. Adjust terrain with sliders in Terrain tab. You can generate procedural terrain, upload custom heightmap or mix both.
  3. Edit objects using in Objects tab. Click Open Editor to edit object mesh. Place objects on scene using slider. You can instance multiple objects in grid array and randomize them.
  4. Adjust Stable Diffusion Settings in SD tab. Click Generate Skybox to run SD render. Download images to store them (they don't save automatically in SD outputs folder).
  5. You can change Stable Diffusion checkpoint in WebUI.
  6. Switch between 3D View and Skybox views to edit scene and preview render.

Based on this patch: thanks to tob_hab, Marfharf, Kirell and neight

Licence: Attribution

Commercial use ok, must credit the author, can remix and reuse this work.

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