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op id:c4b8e4ff-e1a1-4e40-b0b4-4de06d25b89d
Shows a drop-down (select) element in the sidebar

summary (oneliner)

Use a dropdown if you want to select one value out of many, e.g. Circle with options Circle, Rectangle, Triangle. To enter the values you can use Ops.Array.ParseArray.


youtube id


Link (Object)

Link to the container (Sidebar or Sidebar Group)

Text (string Number)

Label text

Values (Array)

Array of options, use Ops.Array.ParseArray to enter manually

Default (string Number)

The default value


Children (Object)

Connect other sidebar ops here

Result (Number)

The currently selected value or the default value

Dropdown / Say Example:

Shows how to use the sidebar dropdown to select a word, render it and once a new word has been selected say it with text to speech.


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Examples using DropDown

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