RouteNumber Op


Routes the value to one of the output ports (based on index, relay)

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Full Name
  • Ops.Number.RouteNumber
  • Core Op - Official cables op
  • MIT

Example Patch RouteNumber Example

The SimpleAnim op outputs a steady signal (in this case between 0 and 1).
We connect this to the Value port of the RouteNumber op, this is our signal we want to route to one of the three shapes.

The Index port of the ValueRouter op is connected to the Incrementor op, so it is either 0, 1 or 2, depending how often we clicked.

Click anywhere in the patch area and press the fkey to enable Flow Mode. Now click back in the canvas (a few times) and you should see how the flow of value coming out of SimpleAnim changes depending on how often we clicked – it goes to either the Rectangle, the Circle, or the Triangleop.

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Index (Number:integer )

Controls to which output port the value is routed

Value (Number)

The value to be routed to one of the output ports

Default VaonlyOnePortlue (Number)
Set inactive to default (Number:boolean )

Reset inactive ports to default value


Index 0 Value (Number)
Index 1 Value (Number)
Index 2 Value (Number)
Index 3 Value (Number)
Index 4 Value (Number)
Index 5 Value (Number)
Index 6 Value (Number)
Index 7 Value (Number)
Index 8 Value (Number)
Index 9 Value (Number)

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