NumberSequence Op


Copies the input value to the output ports (value sequence)

This op is very similar to Ops.Sequence – the ports are set in order (from left to right) once the input value changes. This is helpful sometimes when multiple ops depend on the value of another and the order of op-execution matters.

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Full Name
  • Ops.Number.NumberSequence
  • Core Op - Official cables op
  • MIT

Example Patch NumberSequence Example

The NumberSequence op is useful when you need to define the flow of a value (the order in which ops gets updated about the new value). Think about a Sequence op for values here.
First the left value out port is executed (sets the variable "myValue"), then the second one (sets the variable "anotherVariable"), …, at the end the trigger port triggers.

This is a very special op and you will probably need it rarely, only when from one outgoing value multiple should happen in a certain order.

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In Value (Number)

The original value which will be copied to the output ports


Value Changed (Trigger)

Triggers when In Value changed, after all out ports have been set

Out Value 0 (Number)

Copy of In Value, port is set first

Out Value 1 (Number)

Copy of In Value, port is set second

Out Value 2 (Number)

Copy of In Value, port is set third

Out Value 3 (Number)

Copy of In Value, port is set fourth

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