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TransformCSS3DElement Op

Namespace: Ops.Html

Op author: _LJ_

Transform an Element in 3d space using CSS3D

converts the current transformation to css3d transforms

this lets you place HTML elements in 3d space.

webgl content can not overlap this html elements, they are always on top

also look at: Ops.Html.TransformElement


trigger (Trigger)
DOMElement (Object)
origin index (integer /Number)
Backface (boolean /Number)


Element (Object)
next (Trigger)

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transformCss3dElement example

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Ops.Html.TransformCSS3DElement renamed to Ops.Deprecated.Html.TransformCSS3DElement
2020-12-01 - pandur
renameOps.Deprecated.Html.TransformCSS3DElement renamed to Ops.Html.TransformCSS3DElement
2023-03-28 - pandur