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Base64ToTexture Op

Related ops:TextureToBase64  
Namespace: Ops.Gl.Textures

Op author: b2renger

Converts a base-64 image string into a texture

This can be handy if you are receiving an image over an AJAXRequest and want to convert it into a texture. Keep in mind that this is a very slow operation, so be careful with performance.

Also note that there is an OP doing the opposite called TextureToBase64.


Base64 / Data URI (String)

Place either a Base64 string directly or as a Data URI to be converted

filter index (integer /Number)
wrap index (integer /Number)


Texture (Object)

Texture conversion of the input string

Loading (boolean Number)

Indicates whether it is still busy with converting the string

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working with base64 images

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