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MidiValueToNote_v2 Op

Namespace: Ops.Devices.Midi

Op author: tim

Uses tonaljs by tonaljs

Converts a MIDI value to a note string

Converts a MIDI value (e.g. 60 coming from a connected MIDI keyboard) to a note (e.g. "C4"). The octave will always be included at the end of the string, if it is below 0, it will look like A#-1.

Please note that semitones will always be presented using sharps (#), not flats (b).


Midi Value (Number)

The MIDI Value you want to convert to a note-string, e.g. 80


Note (String)

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QWERTYtoMidi Example

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cloned op from Ops.Devices.Midi.MidiValueToNote
2022-06-20 - stephan
Ops.User.stephan.MidiValueToNote_v2 renamed to Ops.Devices.Midi.MidiValueToNote_v2
2022-06-20 - stephan
convert to typed string output
2022-06-20 - stephan