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DateCalc Op

Namespace: Ops.Date

Op author: GeertVanDamme

Perform date calculations

This Op lets you perform date calculations.
Adding and subtracting seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years to the input date.
No dependencies.
Sample patch:

Known Issues

There is a dependency on moment.js, but it's not used. I can't find where to remove the dependency


timestamp (Number)

Unix timestamp. eg. from the DateAndTime op. If empty, current timestamp is used

difference (integer /Number)

Number of days / months / .... to add

type index (integer /Number)
update (Trigger)

Update time value (not needed if an timestamp input is used)


Date (Object)

The calculated date in JS Date format

Timestamp (Number)

The calculated date in timestamp (milliseconds) format

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Sample patch for DateFormatter and DateCalc

Patches using DateCalc

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created op
2020-10-27 - GeertVanDamme
added lib: moment.js
2020-10-27 - GeertVanDamme
cloned op from Ops.User.GeertVanDamme.DateCalc
2020-11-17 - GeertVanDamme