cables standalone version


Jul 8, 2024 at 14:54

release candidate 1 for version 0.2.0 - changes since: 2024-07-03

New Ops

  • new op: Ops.Date.TimestampToIsoDate -
  • new op: Ops.Sidebar.SidebarDateTime -
  • new op: Ops.Devices.Pointer - future mouse op replacement
  • new op: Ops.Dev.ChromeAi - chrome ai API


  • editor: changed extended title color to grey
  • editor: fix bug where changing the title in patch settings did not propagate to editor fields


  • standalone: change patchname on save of new project and save as
  • standalone: fix npm errors on windows and in packaged version
  • standalone: show missing npm packages for ops as ui-error
  • standalone: add zooming to the ui via cmd-- and cmd-+
  • standalone: fix errors when project is not initialized before editor loads
  • standalone: run "build" before "package" in build-process

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