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op id:20637fe6-6567-4396-bc22-fa14bcbb853b
Starts the web audio context on iOS / Chrome

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On iOS / Chrome (starting April 2018) you cannot play a sound unless the playback was initiated by a user interaction (touch).
Using this op the first touch on one of the selectors (the whole patch per default) starts the audio context and therefore allows you to play sounds on iOS.

Uses by Yotam Mann.



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Use Custom Selector (Number)

Whether or not to to use custom selector(s), if not the canvas is used

Selectors (Number)

Selectors of the HTML DOM elements which start the audio context (separated by spaces, e.g. '#myButton .otherButtons'). Per default this is the whole patch – #glcanvas


Is Ready (Number)

Once the audio context has been started (and it is therefore save to play sounds) this becomes true


  • Uses library: StartAudioContext (Starts the Web Audio API's AudioContext on an explicit user action.)
  • Op author: tim

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fixed - removed a user op from tim which was causing the patch to not load for users
andro, 11 February 2019

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