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ChordTriad Op



Op author: pandur

Creates a triad chord

summary (oneliner)

Creates a chord (triad) based on a scale and the base tone. Works with major and minor chords. The constructed chord has the base tone, two tones above the base tone, and 4 tones above, e.g. [C3, E3, G3] in C3, D3, E3, F3, G3, A3, B3, C4 . As a scale input you can use the ScaleArray-op.

Make sure Include High Base Tone in the ScaleArray-op is not checked, or the chord will be wrong.



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Scale (Array)

Connect this to a Scale-Array-op, which has Append Octave checked

Base Note (string /Number)

The note you want to get the chord from, e.g. C4


Chord (Array)

The triad chord for the base tone in the scale, e.g. ["C3", "E3", "G3"]

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