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Makes it convenient to create Tone.js time-strings (e.g. "C4")

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Generates a tone.js Time (used e.g. to specify note lengths). Tone.js expects a string representing time in various places, e.g. when triggering a tone on a synth. There are multiple ways to express time.

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related ops


Time (Number)

The time to be converted to a tone.js-compatible time-format

Time Type (Number)

Either Note, Triplet, Measure, Second, Frequency or Tick. See Time for more infos.

Relative To Now (Number)

When set the output string will be prefixed by a +-character – so the time will be interpreted as «the current time plus whatever expression follows»


Tone Time (Number)

A string representing time, to be used together with another tone.js-op


  • Uses library: Tone.js (Webaudio Library)

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