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Position in audio timeline, connect this to the Position-port of a Transport-op

summary (oneliner)

This op is useful in combination with the Transport-op. It has a Position (BarsBeatsSixteenth) output port, which outputs the current position on the (virtual) timeline, e.g. 17:2:3. To make use of these values, e.g. to trigger certain things on the timeline BarsBeatsSixteenthResolver can be used.

Explanation of Bars, Beats and Sixteenth:



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Bars:Beats:Sixteenth (Number)

A string in the form Bars:Beats:Siyteenth, e.g. 14:3:2. Mostly you will connect this to the Position (BarsBeatsSixteenth)-port of the Transport-op.


Bars (Number)

In which bar the timeline is at right now

Beats (Number)

In which beat of the current bar the timeline is at right now. In 4/4 music one bar consist of 4 beats.

Sixteenth (Number)

In which sixteenth of the current beat the timeline is at right now. In 4/4 music one beat consist of 4 sixteenth.

Sixteenth (Precise) (Number)

Same as the Sixteenth-port, but more precise


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