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Modulates the width of a PulseOscillator

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PwmOscillator modulates the width of a PulseOscillator at the modulationFrequency. This has the effect of continuously changing the timbre of the oscillator by altering the harmonics generated.



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Frequency (Dynamic)

The frequency of the oscillator

Detune (Dynamic)

The detune amount, 100 = one semitone up, -100 = one semitone down, 1200 = one octave up

Modulation Frequency (Dynamic)

The modulation rate of the oscillator.

Phase (Number)

The phase of the oscillator in degrees (between 0and 180.

Sync Frequency (Number)

When set the frequency is synced to the BPM (beats per minute). BPM can be set in the Transport-op.

Start (Function)

Will start the oscillator at Start Time

Start Time (Number)

The time when the oscillator starts once Start is triggered. +0 means now, so in the moment Start is triggered.

Stop (Function)

The time when the oscillator stops once Stop is triggered. +0 means now, so in the moment Stop is triggered.

Stop Time (Number)

Auto Start (Number)

Automatically starts the oscillator

Volume (Dynamic)

The volume of the output in decibels (between -96 and 0).

Mute (Number)

Mutes the output


Audio Out (Object)

The audio signal


  • Uses library: Tone.js (Webaudio Library)

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