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op id:d26c74bd-0c72-4b98-9fdc-2c705b41a861
Most basic audio sound source

summary (oneliner)

Generates a steady sound in a certain frequency.



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Frequency (Dynamic)

The frequency of the oscillator

Detune (Dynamic)

Detunes the sound

Type (Number)

The type of the oscillator: either sine, square, triangle, or sawtooth. Also capable of setting the first x number of partials of the oscillator. For example: sine4 would set be the first 4 partials of the sine wave and triangle8 would set the first 8 partials of the triangle wave.

Phase (Number)

The phase of the oscillator in degrees

Sync Frequency (Number)

Sync the signal to the Transport’s BPM. Any changes to the transports BPM will also affect the oscillators frequency.

Start (Function)

Start the source at the specified time. If no time is given (Start Time), start the source now.

Start Time (Number)

The time when to start after Start was triggered

Stop (Function)

Stop the source at the specified time. If no time is given (Stop Time), stop the source now.

Stop Time (Number)

The time when to stop after Stop was triggered

Auto Start (Number)

Automatically starts the source when the patch is loaded

Volume (Dynamic)

The volume of the output in decibels

Mute (Number)

Mute the output


Audio Out (Object)

The audio signal


  • Uses library: Tone.js (Webaudio Library)
  • Op author: tim

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