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Triggers the Attack-Release-part of a Synth ADSR

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Triggers the attack of a synth and, after the Duration time, release.

Connect the Synth-input port to the Audio Out port of a synth-op (e.g. Ops.WebAudio.Lib.Tonejs.Instrument.FmSynth).



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Synth (Object)

The synth to play a note on

Trigger Arrack Release (Function)

Triggers attack followed by release of the synth connected to the Synth input port

Note (Number)

Which note to play, e.g. C4 (middle C). You can also put in a frequency, e.g. 440. You can use the Note op to make this more convenient.

Duration (Number)

The time between the trigger of attack and release, so basically how long the tone is. You can use the op ToneTime to make this more convenient. Valid durations are e.g. 4n (one quarter note), 1m (one measure), 1.2 (1.2 seconds)

Time (Number)

When the note should be triggered, +0 = now

Velocity (Number)

How loud it is, default: 1.0

PluckSynth Example:

A PluckSynth is triggered every 16th note by a ScheduleRepeatop. To make the ScheduleRepeat-op do its work it needs the Transport-op (the virtual audio timeline needs to be running).
The Limiter-op is just a precaution, if the signal gets too loud, it will hurt your ears less :)


  • Uses library: Tone.js (Webaudio Library)

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