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Repeating trigger for audio

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Creates a looped callback at the specified interval. This can e.g. be used to play notes in other ops. The callback can be started, stopped and scheduled along the Transport's timeline. Every time the event happens, the output-port Time will be set and Trigger will be triggered.



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Update State Ports (Function)

Updates the output-ports Started and Progress. This is handy to find out if the loop is playing, connect it e.g. to MainLoop. As this is not very performant, it is best to not connect this port when you don’t need access to State and Progress.

Interval (Number)

How often the event happens. See Tone.js Time Docs

Iterations (Number)

How often the loop should be repeated. If set to 0 it will go on infinitely

Playback Rate (Number)

How fast the loop should be. 1 is default, 2 is double the speed and so on

Humanize (Number)

Adds a random variation to the scheduled time, so it is a bit more human (inprecise). If set Humanize Time will be used.

Humanize Time (Number)

If Humanize is set to true, a random variation to the scheduled time is added / subtracted, so it is a bit more human (inprecise)

Probability (Number)

The probably of the callback being invoked. 1 = all callbacks, 0 = no callbacks at all

Start Time (Number)

When along the timeline the loop should start. 0 means at the beginning

Start (Function)

Starts the loop at Start Time

Auto Start (Number)

Stop Time (Number)

When along the timeline the loop should stop. +0 means right now

Stop (Function)

Stops the loop at Stop Time

Cancel Time (Number)

The time after which events will be cancel. +0 means right now

Cancel (Function)

Cancel all scheduled events greater than or equal to the Cancel Time

Mute (Number)


Trigger (Function)

Triggers every time the loop has an event

Time (Number)

The time the event occurs

Started (Number)

true when the loop is currently playing, false otherwise. For this value to update you need to connect Update Stare Ports e.g. to ´MainLoop´.

Progress (Number)

The current progress in the loop, 0 = at the beginning, 1 = at the end. For this value to update you need to connect Update State Ports e.g. to ´MainLoop´.


  • Uses library: Tone.js (Webaudio Library)

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