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Transport for timing musical events on the (virtual) audio timeline

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Transport for timing musical events. Supports tempo curves and time changes. Unlike browser-based timing (setInterval, requestAnimationFrame) Tone.Transport timing events pass in the exact time of the scheduled event in the argument of the callback function. Pass that time value to the object you're scheduling.

A single transport is created for you when the library is initialized.

The transport emits the events: "start", "stop", "pause", and "loop" which are called with the time of that event as the argument.

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Update (Function)

Updates the output values

BPM (Number)

The Beats Per Minute of the Transport

Swing (Number)

The swing value. Between 0-1 where 1 equal to the note + half the subdivision

Swing Subdivision (Number)

Set the subdivision which the swing will be applied to. The default value is an 8th note. Value must be less than a quarter note.

Time Division (Number)

Loop (Number)

If the transport loops or not

Loop Start (Number)

When Loop = true, this is the starting position of the loop

Loop End (Number)

When Loop = false, this is the starting position of the loop

Pulses Per Quarter Note (Number)

Pulses Per Quarter note. This is the smallest resolution the Transport timing supports. Do not change this if you don’t know what you are doing.

Start (Function)

Start the transport and all sources synced to the transport

Start Time (Number)

When the transport should start once Start was triggered

Start Offset (Number)

Auto Start (Number)

If set Transport will automatically start when the patch was loaded, or the Update-port was connected

Stop (Function)

Stop the transport and all sources synced to the transport

Stop Time (Number)

When the transport should stop once Stop was triggered


State (Number)

Either started or stopped

Position (BarsBeatsSixteenth) (Number)

The current (virtual) timeline-position. Format: Bars:Beats:Sixteenth

Seconds (Number)

The current position in seconds

Progress (Number)

The currrent progress from 0 to 1

Ticks (Number)

The current position in ticks


  • Uses library: Tone.js (Webaudio Library)

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