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Gets the RMS of an input signal with some averaging applied. It can also get the raw value of the input signal.

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The type of the meter, either "level" or "signal". A "level" meter will return the volume level (rms) of the input signal and a "signal" meter will return the signal value of the input.

See also Tone.js Meter Doc.



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related ops


Audio In (Object)

The audio signal to meter

Update Value (Function)

Updates the Value port (raw)

Update Decibels (Function)

Updates the Decibels port

Smoothing (Number)

The amount of carryover between the current and last frame


Audio Out (Object)

The untouched input signal

Value (Number)

The (raw) signal value, usually in range [-1..1]

Decibels (Number)

The current decibel value, usually in range [-96..0]

Meter Example:

Plays back an audio sample, analyses how loud it is every frame, and maps the loudness as background color.


  • Uses library: Tone.js (Webaudio Library)
  • Op author: tim

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