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Activate triggers / scenes with a boolean

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For each of the output port there is a boolean to activate or deactivate the trigger. With this it is easy to switch between multiple modes / scenes.



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Execute (Function)

Executes the op

Enable 0 (boolean Number)

Enables Trigger 0

Enable 1 (boolean Number)

Enables Trigger 1

Enable 2 (boolean Number)

Enables Trigger 2

Enable 3 (boolean Number)

Enables Trigger 3

Enable 4 (boolean Number)

Enables Trigger 4

Enable 5 (boolean Number)

Enables Trigger 5

Enable 6 (boolean Number)

Enables Trigger 6

Enable 7 (boolean Number)

Enables Trigger 7

Enable 8 (boolean Number)

Enables Trigger 8

Enable 9 (boolean Number)

Enables Trigger 9


Trigger Before (Function)

Triggers always, before any of the Trigger X ports are triggered

Trigger 0 (Function)

Triggers only if Enable 0 is true

Trigger 1 (Function)

Triggers only if Enable 1 is true

Trigger 2 (Function)

Triggers only if Enable 2 is true

Trigger 3 (Function)

Triggers only if Enable 3 is true

Trigger 4 (Function)

Triggers only if Enable 4 is true

Trigger 5 (Function)

Triggers only if Enable 5 is true

Trigger 6 (Function)

Triggers only if Enable 6 is true

Trigger 7 (Function)

Triggers only if Enable 7 is true

Trigger 8 (Function)

Triggers only if Enable 8 is true

Trigger 9 (Function)

Triggers only if Enable 9 is true

Trigger After (Function)

Triggers always, after Trigger X ports were triggered

SceneMixer Example:

In this example the sidebar toggles can be used to enable / disable the various geometric shapes.


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