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CannonWorld Op



Op author: pandur

Uses library: cannonjs (physics library)

start/configure a world with physics simulation

summary (oneliner)

World operator is a container for a physics simulation and/or your Cast Ray setup for 3D navigation. After adjusting your simulation settings, you will need to reset the World to have the new settings take effect.



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related ops


Exec (Trigger)

Reset (Trigger)

reset all contents of a physics world

Draw Bodies (boolean /Number)

draw collision cages around your physics bodies assigned under the World

Groundplane (boolean /Number)

add a quick groundplane to your world - it is located at 0,0,0 and is invisible

Gravity X (Number)

Gravity Y (Number)

Gravity Z (Number)

Solver Iterations (integer /Number)

Contact Stiffness (integer /Number)

Contact Relaxation (integer /Number)

Simulate (boolean /Number)

toggle physics simulation


next (Trigger)

Num Bodies (Number)

number of total physics bodies in this world.

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Patches using CannonWorld


added core lib: cgl_WireframeMeshes
2020-06-30 - pandur

added core lib: cgl_wireframes
2020-06-30 - pandur

Ops.Exp.Gl.Physics.World renamed to Ops.Physics.World
2020-07-30 - pandur

Ops.Physics.World renamed to Ops.Physics.Cannon.CannonWorld
2022-06-07 - pandur