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CannonPhysicsCube_v2 Op



Op author: pandur

physical body in form of a cube

summary (oneliner)

To add a Physical Cube object to your scene, it must be contained within the World operator (Ops.Physics.World) .



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Exec (Trigger)

Name (String)

name of this physics cube object

Mass (Number)

Mass of object. Value of 0 will cause no gravity to be applied to the object

sizeX (Number)

sizeY (Number)

sizeZ (Number)

Render (boolean /Number)

Reset (Trigger)

reset this object to original position/restart simulation for this object


Next (Trigger)

X (Number)

position of object in the world on the X axis (during simulation)

Y (Number)

position of object in the world on the Y axis (during simulation)

Z (Number)

position of object in the world on the Z axis (during simulation)

Ray Hit (boolean Number)

has a Cast Ray hit this object? for use with Cast Ray operator (Ops.Physics.CastRay)

Collision (Trigger)

trigger when collided with another object or the ground plane

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Physics Cube Example

Physics Cube that can be clicked on. Example uses a Cast Ray to check if you are clicking on the orange cube, and then applies a velocity to the object if true.

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Patches using CannonPhysicsCube_v2


created op
2020-06-29 - pandur

Ops.Exp.Gl.Physics.Body.PhysicsCube_v2 renamed to Ops.Physics.Body.PhysicsCube_v2
2020-07-30 - pandur

Ops.Physics.Body.PhysicsCube_v2 renamed to Ops.Physics.CannonBody.CannonPhysicsCube_v2
2022-06-07 - pandur

Ops.Physics.CannonBody.CannonPhysicsCube_v2 renamed to Ops.Physics.Cannon.Body.CannonPhysicsCube_v2
2022-06-07 - pandur

Ops.Physics.Cannon.Body.CannonPhysicsCube_v2 renamed to Ops.Physics.Cannon.CannonPhysicsCube_v2
2022-06-07 - pandur