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CannonPhysicsBodiesArray Op


Related ops:Ops.Physics.CastRay  

Op author: pandur

create an array of physics bodies and add them to current world

summary (oneliner)

use an array to set the positions of physical cube cages that can then be used for Cast Ray powered navigation or physics simulations.



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related ops


Exec (Trigger)

Positions (Array)

Array3 input for physics collision cages

Name (String)

name of objects in the array

Mass (Number)

Mass of objects

sizeX (Number)

objects' size on X dimension

sizeY (Number)

objects' size on Y dimension

sizeZ (Number)

objects' size on Z dimension

Reset (Trigger)


Next (Trigger)

Simulated Positions (Array)

positions of objects after physics simulation

Names (Array)

Names of each of the objects (the name you set in parameters followed by a number)

Total Bodies (Number)

number of physics objects generated from a given array

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PhysicsBodiesArray op example

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Patches using CannonPhysicsBodiesArray


created op
2020-07-07 - pandur

Ops.User.pandur.PhysicsBodies renamed to Ops.Exp.Gl.Physics.PhysicsBodiesArray
2020-07-07 - pandur

Ops.Exp.Gl.Physics.PhysicsBodiesArray renamed to Ops.Physics.PhysicsBodiesArray
2020-07-27 - pandur

Ops.Physics.PhysicsBodiesArray renamed to Ops.Physics.Cannon.CannonPhysicsBodiesArray
2022-06-07 - pandur