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Cannon Op



Op author: pandur

Uses library: cannonjs (physics library)

shoot physics objects

summary (oneliner)

Use a trigger to spawn a new physics sphere object.
This OP lives in a Physics World set by the world op ( Ops.Physics.World"> .



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Exec (Trigger)

connect underneath World op

Mass (Number)

Radius (Number)

Render (boolean /Number)

Pos X (Number)

spawn position - X axis location

Pos Y (Number)

spawn position - Y axis location

Pos Z (Number)

spawn position - Z axis location

dir X (Number)

direction on X axis

dir Y (Number)

direction on Y axis

dir Z (Number)

direction on Z axis

Speed (Number)

speed of spawned object towards the direction goal

Reset (Trigger)

reset cannon op

Spawn (Trigger)

spawn an object


Next (Trigger)

Out Radius (Number)

Radius of object - handy to connect to a rendered geometry

X (Number)

location of X axis last spawned object

Y (Number)

location on Y axis of last spawned object

Z (Number)

location of Z axis last spawned object

Index (Number)

spawned object index

Collision (Trigger)

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Cannon Op example

it shoots physics objects

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Patches using Cannon


Ops.Exp.Gl.Physics.Cannon renamed to Ops.Physics.Cannon
2020-07-30 - pandur

Ops.Physics.Cannon renamed to Ops.Physics.Cannon.Cannon
2022-06-07 - pandur