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Mqtt_v2 Op


Namespace: Ops.Net.Mqtt

Op author: tim

Uses library: websocket to mqtt (Use WebSockets to connect to an MQTT Broker)

Creates a MQTT connection (IoT, messaging)

MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight messaging protocol which is widely used, e.g. by Facebook Messenger, for M2M (Machine to machine) communication. It used a publish-subscribe pattern to send messages from one device to another. Messages are send to so called channels (e.g. /orientation/x/1.234). Another device could then listen for this channel and get updates when data changes.

For the communication to work an MQTT-broker (server) is needed, a very good service is where users can create a free account which also features personal dashboards to show which data is sent around in realtime.

The MQTT-ops currently allow to publish and subscribe data, QoS and topic-wildcards are not supported yet.

**Please note: ** User credentials can have read and write access to a data set or real-only. If you try to write out data using read-only user-credentials things will break!


Client Name (String)

The name of your project / your name, can be freely set.

Broker URL (String)

The URL of the MQTT-broker. We recommend using

Username (String)

Your username to access the MQTT broker, you need to set up a user-account for that or use the public namespace try / try.

Password (String)

The password fitting to your username

Port (integer /Number)

The port the MQTT-server is running on. As cables runs in a HTTPS-environment only secure ports can be used to access a MQTT-broker (MQTTWSS). Only change this if you know what you are doing.

Use SSL (boolean /Number)

See [Port](#Port [Value]). Should be checked for most use-cases

Reconnect (Trigger)

Executes a reconnect to the MQTT broker. If things don’t work out this might help. Otherwise a reload of the page can be a solution. If you enter new login-data (username / password) you also need to reconnect.


MQTT Object (Object)

Contains MQTT-messages and general data, used for the communication between cables MQTT-ops.

Connected (boolean Number)

If the MQTT-op connected successfully. Please note that a connection can time-out, but it will still show as connected.

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MQTT Send and Receive Example

Sends a random value via MQTT to the public MQTT-broker and in the same time listens for changes on that channel /cablestest. MQTT is a great lightweight protocol to send values from one device to another, e.g. you could connect your Arduino with a cables-patch.
If you visit you can view the information being sent.

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