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Namespace: Ops.Net.Mqtt
Receives a message via MQTT (IoT, subscribe, listen)

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Subscribes to a MQTT channel and receives data from it. Every time there is a new message, the output port Message will change. Needs to be connected to Ops.Net.Mqtt.Mqtt.



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MQTT Object (Object)

Internally used in cables for inter-op-communication

Channel (string Number)

The channel you want to subscribe and receive data from, e.g. /data/sensor1/x

Message Type (string Number)

Either String, Number or Boolean. if the data-type you receive is a number (123 or 123.45) set to number. If you receive multiple numbers in one 123,124,125 you need to use String (default).


MQTT Object (Object)

Internally used in cables for inter-op-communication

Message (Number)

The last MQTT message which has been received, casted according to the Message Type set (see above).

Topic (Number)

Currently the same as the input port Channel. In MQTT you could also subscribe via wildcards, e.g. /sensor1/#, this will subscribe to /sensor1/x as well as /sensor1/y. Currently not supported…

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