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Load Single Mesh from a 3d File, e.g. FBX,OBJ,DAE

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Uses the library assimp, have a look at the page to see which formats are supported.


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Render (Function)

file (string Number)

Mesh Index (integer Number)

Draw (boolean Number)

Center Mesh (boolean Number)

Size (Number)

If Size is 0 then it will not be resized. If size is not 0, the mesh will be scaled exactly to that size.

Merge (boolean Number)

Calculate Normals (string Number)


trigger (Function)

Geometry (Object)

Scaling (Number)

3D Mesh From File:

Load simple 3D-Meshes with the Json3dMesh-op.
Supported formats are obj,.fbx, converted svg or other formats supported by Assimp, which cables uses internally. When you upload your own 3D-mesh to cables it will be auto-converted to json, which can be used with the Json3dMesh-op.

Meshes can be scaled to a specific size easily.


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