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Texture2ColorArray Op



extract colors from a texture

summary (oneliner)

This op needs to be a child of an Image compose op. It is advised to turn off use Viewport size with the image compose and to make a smaller texture with user defined values.

Enable HDR on the image compose to get floating point outputs from the arrays.
Otherwise the array out will have values of 0-255 instead of 0.0 to 1.0

Be careful with using high resolutions. Setting image compose to 100 x 100 will already result in an array length of 40,000
Red 10,000
Green 10,000
Blue 10,000
Alpha 10,000

The array out will have the format of RGBA.
To extract one color part of the array use the ArrayUnpack4 op.



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update (Trigger)

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texture (Object)

texture in to turn into an array. Beware of high resolutions.

Normalize index (integer /Number)

Normalize (String)


trigger (Trigger)

Trigger out

Colors (Array)

Outputs the RGBA arrays as one large array

Floating Point (Number)

If HDR is enable on Image compose this will be true else false

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