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Namespace: Ops.Gl.Shader
render a shader into a texture

summary (oneliner)

Designed to be mainly used with the customShader op.



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related ops


Render (Trigger)

Trigger the op

Shader (Object)

Shader to turn into a texture

Texture Size

Use Viewport Size (boolean /Number)

When enabled the texture is the size of the viewport

Width (integer /Number)

Width of the texture in pixels

Height (integer /Number)

Height of the texture in pixels

filter index (integer /Number)

Pick a filter mode with an integer

Texture settings

filter (string /Number)

wrap index (integer /Number)

Pick a wrap mode with an integer

Texture settings

wrap (string /Number)

Floating Point (boolean /Number)

Enable floating point precision

Num Textures index (integer /Number)

Num Textures (String)


Next (Trigger)

Trigger out

Texture (Object)

Texture out

Texture 2 (Object)

Texture 3 (Object)

Texture 4 (Object)

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custom shader:

the patch uses customShader Op to create a custom shader.

that shader is then rendered to a texture (displayed in the background)

the shader is also applied as a material and rendered on the cube.


Examples using Shader2Texture

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