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IBLMaterial_v3 Op


Namespace: Ops.Gl.Shader

Op author: pandur

image based lighting material using cubemaps

summary (oneliner)

The IBL material op has a lot of options for applying materials to models.
Some tips :

  • Make sure your mesh uses triangles and not quads, otherwise normals may be incorrect.
  • Try out the example lightmap textures which are included in the cables files for different lighting and reflection cubemap textures. It's also possible to build your own, check the example file.
  • Enable Fresnel to get a metallic kind of lighting from a few points on your model.

Used with a creative commons license :

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related ops


render (Trigger)

Trigger in

Lightmap (Object)

Lightmap. Texture in, check the example files for light maps

Diffuse (Object)

The objects diffuse/albedo texture


Reflection Cubemap (Object)

Reflection Lightmap. Texture in, check the example files for light maps

Reflection Amount (Number)

The amount of reflection to be added to the material

Reflection Mask (Object)

Reflection mask. Affects reflection amount

SampleRotation (Number)

Used to seamlessly rotate the lightmap and reflection Cubemap


Roughness (Number)

Amount of blur applied to refelction

Roughness Map (Object)

Roughness texture in. Defines reflection blur with texture.


Screenspace Normals (boolean /Number)

Enable screen space normals

Normal Map (Object)

Normal map. texture in.

Normal Intensity (Number)

Amount of normals to use

Normal Flip (boolean /Number)

If normals seem incorrect enable flip to reverse direction.

AO Map

AO (Object)

Ambient occlusion. texture in.

AO Intensity (Number)

Amount of AO added to the material. Lower numbers normally work best.

Opacity Map (Object)

Opacity. Texture in. Can be used for transparent qualities like Glass.

Opacity Source Channel index (integer /Number)

Opacity Source Channel (string /Number)

Defines if RED, ALPHA or LUMINANCE is used to get the opacity information.

Opacity (Number)

Overall opacity of material.


Fresnel (boolean /Number)

Enable fresnel lighting

Amount (Number)

Amount of Fresnel to apply, lower numbers work best

Width (Number)

the width of the fresnel effect

Exponent (Number)

The exponent, works with negative numbers as well

r (Number)

Red color amount of the Fresnel light

g (Number)

Green color amount of the Fresnel light

b (Number)

Blue color amount of the Fresnel light

Texture Transform

Repeat X (Number)

Repeat all textures of material on the X axis

Repeat Y (Number)

Repeat all textures of material on the Y axis

Offset X (Number)

Offset of textures on the X axis

Offset Y (Number)

Offset of textures on the Y axis

Transform Opacity (boolean /Number)


trigger (Trigger)

Trigger out

Shader (Object)

Shader/Material out

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