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op id:e0a2f611-2fe2-46cc-99a6-b2744b4e90b3
Triggers a certain scene based on the index

summary (oneliner)

With this op you can trigger one of multiple scenes depending on the value of Select. When Select is 0 Trigger 0 will be triggered, when it is 1 Trigger 1 and so on.
With Overlap you can control when the previous / next trigger should be triggered. When set to 0 only one will be triggered at a time, when set to 1 the previous / next will be triggered as well. Setting it to a value in between will trigger the second one in between.
The op operates in a circular manner – this means that it will start at the beginning when the end is reached.
It knows how many triggers are connected, e.g. when you connect something to Trigger 0, Trigger 1, and Trigger 2 only these three will be triggered when you change Select, not the not-connected ones after.
To understand this op it is best to connect Execute to Ops.Gl.MainLoop and connect a few of the trigger ports to e.g. Ops.Trigger.TriggerExtender. Then activate flow mode by pressing cmd + p and entering «flow» and choosing «toggle flow visualisation». When changing the value of Select now you will see which output ports are triggered and which are not.



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Execute (Function)

Executes the op, connect e.g. to Ops.Gl.MainLoop

Select (Number)

Select which output should be triggered, must be positive

Overlap (Number)

How much overlap there is with the previous / next trigger


Trigger 0 (Function)

Trigger 1 (Function)

Trigger 2 (Function)

Trigger 3 (Function)

Trigger 4 (Function)

Trigger 5 (Function)

Trigger 6 (Function)

Trigger 7 (Function)

Trigger 8 (Function)

Trigger 9 (Function)


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