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Resumes the Web Audio context (unmute on Chrome / iOS)

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Some browser have a strict autoplay policy. In Google Chrome and mobile iOS audio cannot be played unless the playback was initiated by a user gesture (click / tap). To free the audio context from the so called suspended state, a user interaction is needed which triggers the ResumeAudioContext op.
It has two modes – in the default one Show Overlay: true it will show an overlay over the cables canvas with a play button when the audio context is suspended.
When Show Overlay is set to false you have to manually take care of the user interaction (e.g. by adding a button yourself), registering a click / touch even listener and finally triggering Resume on this op.



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Show Overlay (boolean /Number)

Shows a button to unblock the audio context when set to true (only when it is blocked)

Resume (Trigger)

If Show Overlay is set to true you don’t need to connect this. It is only needed when set to false and needs to be manually triggered after a user interaction.


Current State (string Number)

The current Web Audio state, updated whenever it changes (via event listener), either running or suspended

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Ops.WebAudio.WebAudioContextRunner renamed to Ops.Deprecated.WebAudio.WebAudioContextRunner
2021-09-21 - pandur

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