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Current version: Ops.Deprecated.WebAudio.AudioPlayer_v2

Plays an audio file, linked to timeline

summary (oneliner)

Play back an audio file (MP3 or OGG), the playback is linked to the timeline, when you hit the Space-key playback will start / stop.



youtube id


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file (string /Number)

The audio file you want to play

play (boolean /Number)

Starts the playback when set to true

Autoplay (boolean /Number)

When true starts playback automatically

volume (Number)

How loud the audio file should be played back

Synchronized Player (boolean /Number)

Loop (boolean /Number)

Set to true to enable looping


audio out (Object)

The audio out object, can be connected to the Ops.WebAudio.Output op e.g.

playing (Number)

true if it is currently playing

ended (Trigger)

Triggers once the playback has ended

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Ops.WebAudio.AudioPlayer renamed to Ops.Deprecated.WebAudio.AudioPlayer
2021-01-13 - pandur

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