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ParseArray_v2 Op


Namespace: Ops.Array

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 1 Test

Parse a string into an array (create, split string, stringToArray)

Let’s you enter multiple values as an array in the editor. The result can then be used by e.g. Ops.Array.ArrayGetValue.


text (String)

The array-data you want to use, e.g. 100,200,300

separator (String)

The separator to use, e.g. , (comma) when your text is foo,bar,baz

Numbers (boolean /Number)

If set, the values inside the array will be interpreted as numbers (not strings)

Trim (boolean /Number)


Parsed (Trigger)

Triggers once the array has been parsed

array (Array)

The parsed array

length (Number)

The number of elements in the resulting array

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Patches using ParseArray_v2


enhancement: ignore comma after last value
2019-08-26 - pandur