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IteratorArray3 Op

Namespace: Ops.Array

Op author: pandur

Iterates over an array in steps of three and outputs three values


Execute (Trigger)

Starts the iteration

Array (Array)

The array to iterate over

Step (Number)

If bigger then 1, values will be skipped, e.g. when Step is 2 every other triplet will be skipped


Trigger (Trigger)

Triggers for every iteration step (triplet in the array)

Index (Number)

The index of the triplet

Value 1 (Number)

First value of the current triplet (e.g. x)

Value 2 (Number)

Second value of the current triplet (e.g. y)

Value 3 (Number)

Third value of the current triplet (e.g. z)

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Ops.Array.ArrayIterator3x renamed to Ops.Array.IteratorArray3
2019-06-13 - pandur