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IftttTrigger Op


Namespace: Ops.Api.Ifttt

Op author: tim

Triggers a custom event in the maker channel of IFTTT

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Key (Number)

Your API key for the channel. After you created a new applet with the maker channel go to and click on Settings in the top right corner. You will now see some infos – here the URL part is important. Copy the last part of the URL into the Key-field in the IFTTTTrigger-op settings. E.g. 12345-12345678 for the URL

Event Name (Number)

When you create a new applet on IFTTT you will be asked for an event name for the trigger, use something like button_pressed (without spaces). This has to match the one you enter in the applet setup.

Trigger (Trigger)

When pressed or triggered by another op it will trigger the recipe on IFTTT.

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