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Example patches

Basic Cube LightOrbit controlsSimple RotationString to textureTransformfontfile exampleanimation
Bool Animation LinkedBool animation simpleClockEasing exampleIn Out AnimRandom AnimationSinus Rotation 2TimelineValueTrigger limiterTrigger limiter randomTriggerBetweenimage sequence animationtimed sequencemesh
3D Mesh From File3d Mesh CarGLTF model with texturesParametricSurface examplePrimitive Meshesdivided mesh explosionpolyhedron meshscale by normalspline deform meshsupershapetext meshtwist meshtransformation
Grid Transform advancedGrid transform simpleRepeatRepeat 2DSimple Vertex Displacement Mapmaterial
360 pic to sphereAmbientLight exampleBill boardDirectionalLight exampleHSB color conversionMaterial BasicsPhongMaterial examplePointLight - exampleSpotLight - examplecolor area shader effectnoise texturessinus / texcoord offsetsvideo texturewireframescamera
Multiple camerasOrthogonal / Isometriccamera look at objectprojection matrix interpolateimage-compose
Blurcolor balancerender2textures effecttextureeffects 2arrays
Array logic betweenArrays And Lines 02Arrays and lines 01Follow path arrayFollow path array flockGeometry to pointsShaping functionsbouncing cubescirclecircle harmonicsgaussian distributed random numbersinterpolate arraysrainspiralmesh instancer
Mesh Instancer - examplemesh instancersurface scatter tutorialtextures
Blend 2 texturesDisplacement sliceFog texture exampleNoise textures 01Noise textures 02Pixel displace red greenPixel grabberPixelate with maskRotate with maskSVG textureWebcam texturetexture array loaderpost processing
Bloom glow effectDepth of fieldFilm grainPost-Processing chain 01interactive
2d pixel coordinatesClick CounterColor PickerMouse Mesh PickingMouse Picking with StateScreen position to 3Ddistance2dphone motion sensorscrollvr teleportationhtml css
Browser check v2 exampleCSS OP Exampleattach 3d html elementattach html element in 3d cursor examplediv elementfade in/out html elementfontfile example v2html css property v2 examplehyperlink example iFrame v2 examplemodal overlay exampletextarea / input examplewebaudio
Audio analyzer - meshinstancerAudio analyzer op exampleBiQuadFilter op - audio reactive tutorial 2Say (Text-to-Speech)Seekable Waveform Audio Playeraudio analyzercommunication
Arduino Serial TutorialWeather APIWeather API - Examplemqtt
degree2vectorhtml element?? Example: PixelDifference
?? meshinstancer texcoord example
?? very simple vr patch example